Monday, October 1, 2012


We are laying low, enjoying life as 
a family of 4....
Crazy to think we will only be that

These are from my brother & Nicole's 
wedding back in June

Kaylie has been BEGGING to have her 
training wheels taken off and to learn how
to ride a bike
This morning she was so persistent that
Devin thought he would let her try
Ultimately she couldn't do it
and we didn't have enough time to devote to teaching
her, so he put the training wheels back on but
raised them up
October, after baby, is a good time to 
learn to ride a bike!

Costco has Halloween costumes
and Devin couldn't resist buying the fire fighter
one for Trey.....
and Trey was in HOG HEAVEN
It was 103 today and that boy did not 
take the costume off 
(except to let Kaylie try it on "really quickly")
Trey was SO serious
because, you know, being "fire fighter Trey" is
no laughing matter
I love that the kids love what Daddy does


Chris said...

Love the turnouts! Just waiting for firefighter Trey to slide down the pole!

Nicole said...

I have more pictures of the kids at the wedding. I'll share them with you soon!

Mari J said...

Trey is soooooo cute!!! Of course daddy couldn't resist buying the fire fighter outie fit!