Sunday, May 31, 2009

10 Things.....

1. my husband coming home from man camp today!
2. my cousin here for the summer
3. a happy baby
4. a clean house
5. an empty laundry basket
6. Lakers in the Finals
7. great time at lunch with friends
8. 4 more days of work until..........?
9. the word "ma-ma"
10. slobbery kisses from my baby!!!

So thankful on this Sunday afternoon....what are your 10?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So I Don't Forget

I haven't kept a baby book.

I was given a baby calendar by my mom who knew I would never do a baby book.

She thought I might be able to keep up with a calendar.

I haven't changed the month in at least 3.

I am blogging so I can remember.

****~ ****

My 13 month week 3 year old is growing and doing so many new and wonderful things.

~*throws her diaper away in the trash can (at our house and my moms!)
~* can bring you either a basketball or tennis ball depending on what you ask for
~* is REALLY good at giving kisses
~*says "hi" to everyone we is so cute walking through the store with her saying hi and waving to everyone we pass!
~* goes down the stairs backwards safely all by herself
~*waves hello and goodbye
~*loves the bath & coloring on the bathtub walls
~*will bring you her purse if you ask
~*understands 'no touch' (but like any 1 year old, chooses when to listen)
~*says 'ball, bye, mamma, dadda and hot'
On Cue, She....
~*blows her nose
~*stops (most of the time) & sits down
~*shuts doors

~*will point to her eyes, nose, ears, mouth....
~*will play sleep with her baby- she will lay down on the floor with her baby in her arms next to her and suck her thumb and pretend to sleep
~* while sucking her thumb, if you say 'not now' she will take it out
~*can give a high 5!

Monday, May 25, 2009

KT's Graduated With Her MASTERS!!!!


My cousin Kaitie graduated this past weekend from Biola with her Masters!!! We had a great evening celebrating her and all that she has achieved!

The family, most of them, after the ceremony.
Kaylie sporting her 2009 glasses, I'm pretty sure they were left over from New Years, but we used them to celebrate KT's graduation!


These Are The Days!

Does this not just make you smile?!!!
Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Kaylie's Grandma Sharon gave her some dress up jelwery and tiara(s)

Kaylie LOVES it all.

I keep it in a princess purse and it is the first thing she goes for in her toy basket.

It provides HOURS of entertainment.

Today I pulled out the princess purse.
I needed some quiet time.
I don't feel good.

She is adorable!

I love her!

I especially love this picture. The look says it all....

"Mom, why do you keep taking pictures of me, I just want to play- leave me alone!"

(I hope she didn't learn that look from me!)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Water Baby

Kaylie's friend Elijah had a water party for his birthday.....Kaylie wasn't able to go down the water slide (mostly because mom won't put a swim suit on to go with her) so she spent most of the time on the slip and slide.....She just loves being in the water- I'm looking forward to this summer and her learning how to swim!!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Throw Your Diaper Away"

We have been teaching Kaylie many new tricks.....
this is one of our favorites!
You will need to rotate your head to watch!!!