Friday, June 7, 2013


Drum Roll Please.....

And.....We have a Kindergartner......

Her last day of Preschool was today

Her class had a simple, little ceremony
a flag salute
a few songs
and handing out certificates

 Kaylie holding the flag for the 
flag salute
Her teacher chose her to be the leader today, and we are pretty
proud of her!

Kaylie and THE BEST preschool teacher we are going to miss her!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy 2 Years House

We have been in our house a little over two years now and we have come
a LONG way! 

 Wood Room before,
well....kinda in the middle
 After a fresh coat of paint on the
wood panels and some pictures on the wall
the dinning room table won't be in there much longer
it will finally be a family room!!!
The girl's room before

 Kaylie & Ashley's room 

 the kids bathroom before

after a beautiful labor of love
Devin did such a great job
 old roof
 not sure what the BIG deal was......
roof in process
 family room, in process


master before 
Trey's room before

I can promise that these pictures do not do it justice....
Devin has worked so hard these past 2 years making our house livable

He is currently fixing up the half bath off the wood room & almost done
we have a new slider ordered and carpet picked out so the wood room
will SOON be a family room!
just a kitchen, master bath and play room left....
oh yea, and the outside, windows, air conditioning, electricity, fences, etc, etc.....
so we still have a long way to go
but we are getting there!!!

Friday, November 30, 2012


Our elf, Milton is back. He has been busy flying around and making crafts for the kids. Last night I thought it would be fun for him to play a game with Kaylies favorite baby.
I just didn't think about what would happen if she woke up and Big Baby wasn't in her bed. I didn't think about the tears that would come at 6:00 in the morning if Big Baby was missing.
And I couldn't go back to sleep knowing I caused those tears. So, I got up and we went looking for Big baby.
It sort of made everything worth it when she squealed with delight when she saw Big Baby playing her favorite game with Milton! The funniest part-
Kaylie " mamma, how did Milton carry Big Baby out here to play? She is so heavy"
Me "I'm not sure honey, maybe Big Baby walked out on her own."
Kaylie "come on mom Big baby can't walk, she isn't real!"
Oh right, but Milton is and he can fly! I love the innocence of babes!

Monday, November 5, 2012


I cannot get enough of this girl. I'm gonna want another baby, I forgot how much I LOVE newborns.

She is supposed to be awake but I just can't bring myself to wake her up. I know, I'm a wimp!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ashley Morgan Whitsell

Our new bundle of JOY
born Tuesday, October 9th at 1:03pm
7lb4oz & 20 1/2in

Devin holding her after she was plucked out
She is perfect.....
Her first bath and check up by our favorite
nurse Karen
(She was our nurse when we had Trey & when 
we saw her, we requested to have her again)
The kids watching Ashley get her first bath
Our first family photo
The kids are so smitten with their new sister
I love watching them love on her
Trey is the cutest with her.
he says "my baby Ashley" and tells everyone
he sees all about her
Just look at that smile, he can't get enough of her
When Trey was holding her she started to cry a little
so he started singing to her- the only song
he knows is the alphabet song so when he started
singing it to her we all laughed
Seriously, the cutest thing EVER!!!
READY to go home

We are adjusting well and enjoying life as a family of 5
There were so many blessing and answered prayers along the way 
to her being born that we really saw the hand of God leading and 
guiding us every step of the way.  We are so thankful for a healthy, happy baby
and that the kids are adjusting so well to having her around. We couldn't have asked for a better
transition....We pray the transition continues to be smooth.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fire Man Trey

Trey is going to be a Fireman for 
Halloween and Devin 
has been working hard on perfecting
his costume.

It turned out great ......
It even got T-Man to smile
for a picture which is not an easy task!
I mean,
who wouldn't want him to 
rescue you!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Everyday I'm crafting

This girl spends hours, HOURS, making crafts. Stickers, glue, scissors, crayons, markers......If her mom would let her she would include glitter and more glue. I love her creativeness and desire to create!


It has been one HOT summer here. It was 96 yesterday so devin and I packed the kids up and headed to the beach. The kids had a great time & to be honest so did I.

Monday, October 1, 2012


We are laying low, enjoying life as 
a family of 4....
Crazy to think we will only be that

These are from my brother & Nicole's 
wedding back in June

Kaylie has been BEGGING to have her 
training wheels taken off and to learn how
to ride a bike
This morning she was so persistent that
Devin thought he would let her try
Ultimately she couldn't do it
and we didn't have enough time to devote to teaching
her, so he put the training wheels back on but
raised them up
October, after baby, is a good time to 
learn to ride a bike!

Costco has Halloween costumes
and Devin couldn't resist buying the fire fighter
one for Trey.....
and Trey was in HOG HEAVEN
It was 103 today and that boy did not 
take the costume off 
(except to let Kaylie try it on "really quickly")
Trey was SO serious
because, you know, being "fire fighter Trey" is
no laughing matter
I love that the kids love what Daddy does