Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Look Mom, A BIG girl bed!!!!

We moved Kaylie to her new bedroom
& put Trey in Kaylie's old bedroom...
Put Kaylie in a BIG girl bed
and she HATES it!
every night she says,
"NO BIG GIRL BED" and cries herself to sleep
she asks to sleep in her crib.
Who would have thought!
she is very good at following the rule
of not getting out of bed until mommy
comes & gets her.
maybe one day she will like it!

a BIG week!

Someone turned TWO!!!

We opened LOTS of great gifts

Tried our luck at skating...
only to become an expert at the

haha, we will keep trying.
enjoyed time with family & friends

no, Kaylie is not picking Trey's nose....
but I'm sure she would if we asked her to!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Hope your Easter was as nice as ours!

Easter Dinner at the Fire Station

Kaylie driving the Fire Truck

Dying Easter eggs

with Uncle Brady & Brian

Bonding time...

he is getting SO big!