Saturday, August 22, 2009

Home Improvement!


I think vertical blinds should be outlawed....
I hate them.
I cannot believe we have been in our home for a year now
and STILL have these ugly things in two windows....
Yesterday, that changed!!!
We have been looking at window coverings and our options for awhile.
We went with Roman Shades and Drapes.
I am thrilled with how the window in our bedroom turned out.
Goodbye FOREVER vertical blinds!!!
We aren't totally finished yet.....
We are still talking about putting 'hooks' on the sides of the windows to hold the drapes back.....
I just couldn't wait to share.
Next, art- or something to spice up our bare walls!!!
Still a work in progress.... but at least we are making slow progress!!

Let's Play A Game....

Of I SPY.....
a pair of pink rainbow flip flops
a teddy bear
a baby doll
a book
a package of baby wipes
NO actual trash
(glad I had just taken out the trash)!!

I'm beginning to wonder if teaching Kaylie to throw away her diaper was a good idea.... we have to constantly check the trash can, because it often looks like this!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mt. Hermon

Vacation #2
Mt. Hermon,
Pebble Beach & Santa Cruz

For whatever reason, we didn't take many pictures this week...
but here is what we have!

We always spend an evening at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz
This was Devin and Kaylie's first trip.....
Kaylie LOVED the carousel horse ride-
we even took her back later in the week for another ride!
It actually is pretty fun, there are rings you pick up
each time around and try to
throw into a clowns mouth.
** ** **
In all 30 years of doing this my parents have never made the ring
in the mouth- Devin and I both made it this year!!!
This backpack was AMAZING on both vacations....
I had to take a picture of Devin with Kaylie because I loved it SO much!

There was a dress up night & you were supposed to come
dressed from another country.
My mom got Kaylie her adorable outfit from China when she was there
and Devin finally got to wear his jacket from Mongolia!

Mid-week we all went into Santa Cruz for lunch
my mom and I walked
Devin, Kaylie, my dad and brother took the train
we ate at a Mexican restaurant
and all took the train back into camp
it was Kaylie's first train ride....
So much fun!!

Devin did a canopy tour
he zip-lined through the redwoods....

wish I could have gone!!!

Devin and his "dream car"

What would a trip be without a visit (or 12)
to the local fire station (or stations)

Top 10

1. Back to School time :)
(Because I don't have to go back!!!)
2. Tomorrow we find out what we are having....boy or girl?!!!
3. A wonderful family
4. Vacations and now, being home
5. A growing belly
6. A toddler whose new favorite word is "please"
and that she thinks it will somehow get her whatever she wants!
7. Vacation laundry (all 12 loads) clean, folded, and put away
8. Great friends
9. A loving and forgiving Heavenly Father
10. Being able to spend everyday with Kaylie at home

Monday, August 17, 2009

San Juan Islands

Vacation #1....
San Juan Islands
(Islands off Washington State)

Some beautiful scenery from the Island
While watching the seals, Kristen found this sea-star...
it was huge and beautiful!

The beach outside our front porch....and the beautiful sunset

The mode of transportation between islands is a ferry...

Kaylie loved the Big Boat we got to ride every day but
in order to make sure you got on the ferry
you wanted, you needed to be there about an hour
before the departure and get in line.
To entertain Kaylie for that hour, she got to drive Uncle Dale's car...
she loved it!!!

Kaylie spent a good amount of time out front on the porch

moving patio furniture around...

she LOVED pushing this table all around..

it was pretty amazing how this entertained her for so long!

We even did some spur-of-the-moment off roading while we were there!!

We hiked to a fort with a beautiful view....
don't look now, but the baby bump- it is here!

Devin, Bubba, Mark, and Dale went crabbing while we were there.
They had a great time catching our (their) dinner!
I have to admit it was pretty fun to watch!!
** **
Above is the guys setting the traps,
the crab bait,
their first catch
(Kaylie, who ALWAYS wanted to be involved) :)
and a trap ready to go!
Below is the guys in their canoes dropping their traps,
and their catch.
I think all in all they caught about 32 adult-male crabs
(but sent some back because even they couldn't eat that much!)

Me and Kaylie at a Vinyard on the island..

since we couldn't taste the wine with the others,

we hung out together!

Devin and some of the salmon that he caught- yuck!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

5 years!!

July marked our 5 year annivarsary!

We went to an Angels game as part of the celebration...

Devin surprised me with a Big Screen message.

I just wish I knew a little in advance so I could have gotten a non blurry picture!

Thanks Devin, I love you and have loved each of the last 5 years...

looking forward to many more ahead of us!