Monday, July 27, 2009

How Do You Spend Your Summer Days?

Figuring out the hose.....

Helping daddy water the plants.....

Getting soaked!

Trying to drink hose water as fast as it
comes out...
(this was the best part,
she tried so hard to drink as fast as the
water came out of the hose-
but of course she couldn't keep up and the water
ended up either coming out her nose or
she coughed the water out...
Kaylie made us laugh each time she tried!)

I love this girl!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Devin surprised me a couple weeks ago with a day-long-date....
first he bought me a pink beach cruiser
(and him a black one)
then we went to the beach and rode them!

It has quickly turned into Kaylie's favorite thing to do....
ride bye-ke!!!

We have enjoyed family bike rides way more
then we thought we would!


her helmet came with the baby seat....

Also Known As...

Costco milk boxes....

or new toy!

or hat!

or peek-a-boo prop!

ALL are VERY fun!!!

Phone Call...

Devin always calls from work to chat....

tonight I gave Kaylie the phone to talk to daddy.

she was so
intent on listening to what he said.....

almost as though she totally understood!!!

It melted my heart!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lounging Around....

A neighbor of ours gave Kaylie some of their toddler 'toys' their kids have grown out of...

Kaylie's favorite hand-me-down is this demin chair.

She discovered the chair this afternoon after her nap
and spent a lot of time sitting in it reading a book
and just hanging out!

For a girl that doesn't ever SIT, this was amazing
and for sure something I can get used to!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Kaylie got a pair of sunglasses for her birthday-

I sort of forgot about them

until she starting stealing mine all the time

I thought it was time for her to have her own pair

She won't take them off!

She even did a whole swim lesson with them on!

Even though they are a little bugish,
I think she is adorable in them!

Playroom Done!!!

My favorite part is the flooring,
I love the colors, letters and numbers!
So fun!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The 4th

I cannot even begin to express my appreciation
for those who serve to keep us safe
and let us enjoy our freedom!
I don't even want to think about
where we would be without them
and SO glad we don't have to!

My dad has a '57 Ford Skyliner-

It is my favorite!!!

And my favorite thing to do on the 4th of July

is to go with the family to In-n-Out

in the '57 for lunch.

Thanks 'ba-pa' for a fun afternoon!

Happy 3rd of July!

Our neighborhood celebrates the 3rd of July
with a neighborhood BBQ
and fireworks at Fred Kelly Stadium.

We brought our patio table out front and enjoyed the neighbors and friends!

Our neighbor, Karen, made water balloons for the kids to have a water fight with.
Kaylie wanted in!!!

WAIT FOR IT........

She got Auntie KT all wet!!!!

Karen also gave all the kiddos glow accesories...

and of course we wanted in too!

brings back SO many great memories!!!

We had a GREAT time at our first annual

3rd of July neighborhood bash!

Richard Simmons....


I got Kaylie dressed this morning for 4th of July.

She doesn't have much blue or red.

So I setteled for this cute tank and shorts

that are a size too small.