Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Say goodbye to the
blue bathroom

Hope you wern't too attached
we wern't

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Woot Woot....New Oven!

I really REALLY hate when people complain about
a situation they are in when they chose it or created the problem....
We chose to buy a house that did not have a working oven,
we chose to not put in a working oven
But not having an oven for a year is painful in many ways.....
but we chose that, so I tried not to complain.
Last week our neighbors were gutting their house
so I asked if I could have their oven-
(they were just going to throw it away)
They said YES...and bonus, it came with a microwave
Woot Woot!!!
Devin had to modify a cabinet a little to make it fit,
but what an amazing blessing!
When you don't have a 'necessity' for almost 2 years
you appreciate it so. much. more when you get it!
Who wants to come over for dinner

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kaylie is 4....FOUR!!!!!!

Wow, FOUR..... WOW!!!

Her auntie M, Auntie Cake & Uncle Jus gave her a
double stroller which she promptly filled with
babies and blankets.
She is the best little mommy around!
We started out our
(yes don't forget it's my birthday too....
it gets lost sometimes because Kaylie's birthday is much more fun!)
birthday at Rubys for breakfast.
my mom brought birthday hats for us.....

Kaylie requested funfetti cupcakes with
pink frosting & sprinkles....
with my new oven it was no problem! :)
K and her loot
Modeling one of her new princess dress up outfits from
Uncle Brian...
Careful, if you come over she WILL make you wear one too
(but we don't take pictures of that, huh Auntie Cake!!)
What a fun birthday week
I do love celebrating my girl
and one day I will make sure she likes celebrating me!
ha ha :)

Who wants to come play!!!

Seriously, we get the best free things!

but I'm not sure who is having more fun on it-
grandma or the kids!!!