Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Ruby

I've had requests for belly pictures
(ok, well let's be honest, 
it was just one request)

I'm not sure what the annoyed
look on my face is all about other
than it was kinda an awkward 
picture....but I wasn't annoyed!

I'm ready to P-O-P

My goal was to gain 20 pounds,
 I'm at 18
and I've just put myself on maternity
leave (which to me means no more
exercising) so I'm a little afraid of what
my weigh in on Wednesday will be.......

2 weeks to go
I need to scan in some pictures from Kaylie
and Trey at the same point, 
its very interesting
to see the difference in how I have carried 
each of them

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kaylie's 1st day of Preschool (year 2)

Someone was VERY excited to start school
She asked me daily for weeks when she got
to go back.... 
and once it was FINALLY the first day of school
she was NOT interested in any picture taking,
she just wanted to GO!!!
Trey was also very excited about school starting for 
his sister and wanted to be a part of
everything that she was
he even wanted to go in to her class before her.....
So Devin had to take him out 
while Mrs. B was giving
us information

Next year, Trey will get to go!