Saturday, July 30, 2011

Surprise Get-A-Way!

Devin had a surprise anniversary trip planned for us
and after my miscarriage it was just what I needed.
we went over to Kyle & Ro's to pick up a 'hat'
and SURPRISE they came with us!

We stopped on the way for a little In-N-Out
We told the person taking the picture it was our first
time at In-N-Out...otherwise why would
you be taking a picture there! Ha!

After checking into the hotel we went wine tasting
I've never been.....
Everything was so beautiful and the wine,
Oh, so good!

The next day we went to the Mid-State Fair
and saw Lady Antebellum!

It was a much needed time away with Devin and an
added bonus of great friends!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Zoomars!!! Petting Zoo

My mom snagged a great deal and treated
us to a day at Zoomars petting zoo.
We had a great time
We got there a little early and looked through the fence
at the animals
The bunny/ guinea pig pen was full of animals
just waiting for us!
Kaylie could hold the "bunny-pig" ALL day long
she was seriously in heaven!
she could not get enough bunny-pig
(as she called it!)
she even had to kiss it goodbye....

Trey was a champ and fed the animals-
ALL the animals
he wasn't even afraid, not once
and for Trey, that IS a huge step!
I didn't do so well!
Not one animal was left un-fed!
These llamas freaked me out, at least grandma
was willing to feed them!
part of the deal was a train ride & that was
a little piece of heaven for the kiddos!
lucky Devin got to go too!
We all voted and we will be going back!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

family photo

I have a feeling this is what our family pictures
will look like for awhile.
Crazy, fun em to death!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July vacay!

We drove up to Danville with my cousins
and spent the long 4th of July weekend with my
aunt and uncle there.

We did lots of great, fun things that I didn't get pictures of...
I need to get better at the whole picture taking thing!

We drove into the City one day and played the role of
We shared icecream at Ghirardelli square
So good!!!

Kaylie chased birds..
So funny!

The kids loved the annual Danville
4th of July parade
They collected everything free
including lots and lots of candy!
(so much candy that when I told Kaylie she needed
to eat lunch she said she wasn't hungry because
she had candy for lunch!)
We got some great last minute seats-
right up close!
And we didn't even have to sleep there to get these seats!
They were very involved in being patriotic,
waving their flags any chance they got!

And a BIG shout out to Aunt Shirley for a
very cute 4th of July dress made for Kaylie.
She loves it & wore it proudly!