Sunday, January 30, 2011

Because Boys Need Cute Things Too.....

A fire shirt for Trey
Thought it needed a little something more,
the FD & maltese cross on the pocket-
cute, right!

And because she was such a good helper
at craft time.....
She got a "hup-cake"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Us, Crafty!!!

Mel and I found this really great idea
and thought, "we could do that"
So, we did.....
cute little birdies
a hen for Kaylie,
probably my favorite!
my cute bird on a branch
More cute birdies-
Mel's idea & I just copied it for my shirt

We loved the idea and results so much we are planning
what we want to do next.

Tree Removal

We had some BIG, pesky trees in our backyard....
we hated them
our neighbors hated them
they needed to come down!

See them in the background
Devin's friend Kyle and our neighbor Steve
came over and spent most of the day
cutting, chopping, loading, un-loading
those pesky trees
looks fun, right!
We had over 4,000 lbs of tree
Once the trees were gone, even
peskier stumps were still there

Devin brought his truck into the backyard
and pulled those suckers out!
Now..... thats fun!
Even Kaylie helped with her car

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1st Birthday

70 of Trey's closest most personal friends
came over to our house to celebrate his 1st birthday.....
try to fit that many people in our old condo!
Ka-Chigga, What!

I made tortilla soup, quesadillas
and 7-layer bean dip
Yum...Yum....and Yummy!!!
cutie pie Elijah driving the car
friends playing store
baby Kate was the hit of the party
everyone wanted to hold her,
lucky Jen.....
love birds
Auntie M got stuck in the kitchen making
quesadillas ALL night....
Seriously, she never left that stove
birthday boy in the bounce house
he loved it!
birthday dinner
He LOVES it!
now thats a different story
he HATED it...
and wanted NO part of it
it took FOREVER to
convince him he would like it

he finally decided he liked it
he really liked it!!!
Trey had lots of help opening his gifts