Monday, July 23, 2012

All in a Week!

This past week has been one for the books-
its been busy, fun and scary.....

Warning: There is some potty and poop talk here.....
if its TMI, skip this post
As you know there is little I like more than these cute little
baby buns in undies...
Seriously, cuteness :)
Trey did awesome with "pee" training
but pooping on the toilet was not so easy....
With Kaylie it was super easy. She let us know she was pooping
 with a bright red face and grimace. We would run her to the restroom
and she would finish. She consequently pooped on the 
toilet before she went potty.  It was simple!
When it came to Trey we were sort of at a loss as to how to
motivate him to poop on the toilet because he gave us no warning.
So we tried candy, worked great for pee, 
but poop, he had no interest....
these babies made an appearance.
He wanted those cars and trucks so badly he hasn't
had an accident since we told him he could earn one 
each time he pooped on the toilet.
Now, he goes all on his own.
Best 87 cents I've ever spent!
Trey showing off his reward for his hard work!
He is SO proud of himself! 
And trust me, I am too....for lots of reasons!

Kaylie.....poor Kaylie!
It has been a rough week for my girl!

Devin and I went away for the weekend for our anniversary and 
the kids stayed with Grandma and Ba-pa.

While we were just about to take our first bite of dinner on our first night out, 
we got 3 phone calls and a picture text.
Kaylie was kicking a ball around and slipped
and fell, splitting her chin open.

My parents took her to the ER. We boxed up 
our untouched meal and met them at the hospital.

The doctor stitched her up while she watched Dora and 
My Little Pony on an ipad.
They were so great to the kids and made our visit far too easy.
Kaylie had such a great time and came home with lots
of take home prizes that we were nervous she would like 
it too much and want to go back!
Here she is post stitches
She got 8 stitches and says 
it looks like she has teeth on her chin!
:) She is so funny!
First she splits her chin open
then she got sick....
she has had a fever since Saturday
Poor girl!

Oh, and just for fun, Trey has an ear infection....
cause why not add one more thing to our already exciting

Saturday, July 14, 2012

happy life

the kids think Devin is a human 
jungle gym

and he is a good sport about it!

Kaylie wanted me to take a picture of her doing a 
funny face....

I can't get enough of those baby buns of Treys! 

Potty Training

We potty trained Trey this week....

The one thing I've learned while
potty training both kids is that
I'm potty trained.

I think this is the worst part of being a parent and
don't understand what is so bad about kids going to college in
I'm serious. I hate it that much.

Getting Trey out of diapers
 was a long time coming but I finally
got up enough courage to do it!
It was way different than it was 
with Kaylie
but he was a champ
and did awesome!

I mean, what kid is not adorable in undies.....
just look at those baby buns!!!