Monday, October 31, 2011


Ever since my girlfriend had her baby Trey has been
obsessed with babies....
He put the diaper on her, rocked her and held her
Look how sweet he is being to the baby!

He walks around the house
saying 'shh' and rocking the baby....
such a good little daddy!
Silly boy! I told him to say "Cheese"
And he did! :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween at School

At Kaylie's school the
kids dressed up for halloween
and had a parade for the parents....
Kaylie wanted to be a butterfly
and I thought perfect cause Auntie Ro and Uncle Kyle
gave her wings for her birthday, all we had to do was
add a tu-tu and we have a pretty darn cute butterfly!!
Kaylie and her friend Liv
Here she is with Jackie, who I have never heard say one word...EVER
When the kids play outside on the playground Kaylie
makes Jackie follow her around and calls her "baby"...
Jackie does follows Kaylie around and does everything Kaylie tells her
My mom swears I did the same thing
at her age, so I guess she comes by it naturally!
The class posing for a picture
Finishing up their loop of the parade
Trey wanted SO BADLY to be a part of the parade...
so I finally let him at the end!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Trey got rug burn on his nose at church....
you have to fall pretty hard to get rug burn on your nose!
that boy!!! LOVE him!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patches sure have changed since I was a kid
I sure don't remember rides and animals....
I just remember pumpkins!

We went to a pumpkin patch with Grandma-Ba-Pa today
The kids had a great time, who wouldn't
it was like Disneyland!!!
Ha, hay horses!!!!
the kiddos running through the pumpkins
picking out their favorites!
strong man Trey picking two!

Trey was too small for most rides, so he
only got to ride the car!
Kaylie LOVED the tractors
but she was one CRAZY driver, seriously.....
she will never be driving one of my cars!
she kept running into the hay bale
and the guy kept saying
"There is Kaylie again, in the hay bales!!!"
she didn't care, she thought it was the best
thing ever to be driving her own car!
the only ride Trey was big enough to ride was the train....
and he rode it well!
Kaylie and Grandma....
look at that HUGE pumpkin!
family tractor picture...
our little piggies!
Kaylie driving the boat,
this was on a track so she couldn't crash it!
We had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch &
I can't believe how much the kids are growing!
So very thankful for healthy, growing kids.
Man, I love them!