Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom
I'm pretty sure when the old owner
painted the room they
didn't want to move a piece of furniture
so there was a big white, un-painted, area
in the middle of the wall
weird, right!
Devin painted the ceiling
see why!
crisp, new, clean
old, dirty, yuck
old view
(even though the closet is new,
the rest isn't)
new view
old view towards the bathroom
new view towards the bathroom
(new door isn't up yet, but coming
old view of the entrance
new view of the entrance
door coming tomorrow

Devin spent a lot of time fixing up the bedroom
We aren't totally done, but I love the new paint
and feel of the room.
We want to build a wall unit/ closet to take
the place of some big furniture and shoe rack
but don't know exactly what we want
so we are working on that......
maybe soon!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I love my job!

Kaylie is becoming one great little mommy
Cooking dinner for her babies
It doesn't get cuter than this!

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day!

We had a heart themed Valentine's Day
this year

Red, heart shaped chocolate chip
pancakes for breakfast
(the kiddos had blueberry heart shaped ones)

Heart shaped peanut butter & jelly
sandwiches for lunch

dinner didn't' go as planned.....
(A LONG trip to Home Depot got in our way)
we had pizza.
we will have our heart shaped
sloppy-joe casserole tomorrow

And a gift for my Valentine...
2 Doors for our Master Bedroom he is currently
painting! yippee!

Paper Dolls

Remember paper dolls? I played with them all the time growing up.
This past week I was telling my mom about wanting to find some
Raggedy Ann and Andy stuff for the kids Easter Baskets
She started looking through some storage areas for
her old dolls and other things she thought she saved
She didn't find the Raddedy Ann things-
but did find this paper doll blanket I had as a newborn
So many memories brought back from this little
I am so thankful for all the things my mom has saved
for 30+ years.
When are these paper dolls going to come back?
Most other things/ toys from my childhood
have made a come back, when will these
so Kaylie and I can play!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Closet 1 of 5

I realize that this may only be important
to me & Devin but I am so
thrilled I have to share.....
Our master closet (yes, master) looked like this:
Not big
Not functional
Not anything good
It needed to change but we didn't have
much room to work with
Adding a 'real' back of the closet wall
All painted &
We now have 2 real bars and shelves
It is better-
doesn't fit everything, not even close
but it is a good start to cleaning things up
and getting organized!
And at least we now have closet doors that
hang and work!
Ka-Chigga Ka-Chigga! we need to get to work on adding another
closet to our room and fixing up the other rooms
(where the rest of my clothes currently are)