Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Man's Trash is Another Man's.......

My parents are re-doing their home.
They bought new chairs for the living room & wanted to give the ones they have had for 25 years to the Goodwill.....
The Goodwill said, "No thanks".....Did you know they could or would do that?!!!!

Anyone want a treasure?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Nephew, Dylan

So handsome....
So, I do realize that it is hard to see his new hair cut due to the tree behind him that is the same color as his hair....but trust me, he did get it cut......

Friday, July 25, 2008

Are you a good 1930's wife?


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

What has gotten into me?!!!

At the OC Fair this week, I wanted to put Kaylie's head in every picture option I saw....
After the second wooden cut out my husband wanted to kill me, but was a good sport until number 4, then he made me stop.......
Isn't she adorable!!!!

ROCK ON!!!!!

I have traded.......


Banana Split Anyone?

Ok....At dinner last night, Devin and I had a drawing contest.....whose Banana Split would you rather eat?

Your choices are:

Please vote in the comment section.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh...What a Day!!!

We went to theto seeso he could do this

for an anniversary gift for Devin.

I spent $10.00

and waited in line for


only to find out that he LEFT!!!

I'm excited for the guy because he is starting in center field tonight, but what do I do now for my husband?
Besides the sunburn and beer battered potato wedges (so yummy by the way) all I got was confirmation that Cheri is a really great friend for doing this with me!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

6 quirky things

After reading Cheri's and therefore being "tagged", I'm now listing six of my own oddities. I'll feel much better if I find I'm not the only one who does these things, but I have a sneaky suspicion I might be the only one. I'm not sure I'm really ready to go public with these, but here I go anyway-

Promise not to judge?......
1. I hate movie theater seats, I cannot even imagine what gross things are on them (along the same line as hotel bed spreads...but I'm not even going to go there!) I will not wear anything shorter than capris and I always bring a hooded sweatshirt to wear to protect my hair.
2. I will not eat food from someones kitchen that I have never seen. I don't know what they did while cooking and prefer to stay clear of most homemade goodies. It also makes for a great diet.....
3. I believe that bathrooms are the grossest place in the whole wide world. I will not eat or drink ANYTHING that has been in a bathroom for any amount of time. I cannot even drink a bottle of water that has gone in the bathroom. On the same, but different note, I will not ever use a port-a-potty no matter how badly I need to go.
(Can you tell that I am a germ-a-phobe?....)
4. I think toe nails were made to be painted & I will not be seen in public with unpainted toe nails (even if I am wearing closed toed shoes...I will know they are unpainted).
5. I will not buy a pair of shoes that I cannot cross my toes in.
6. I have to have the perfect amount of ice in my cup of soda. It is almost as important to me as the perfect bite. I have even thrown away a soda because there wasn't enough ice in the cup.
So after thinking & admitting to my quirks I am reminded of how weird I am and wonder how I have any friends.....
Thanks for loving me just the way I am- quirks and all!!!!

So...let's hear about yours....let loose and share, I promise not to judge!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Posting Lull....

I have a general rule for need a picture. I obviously have broken that rule more than once, but like to keep it as much as possible. This week we are on a homecation (the kind of vacation where you go to someones house who went on a real vacation and feed their dogs and pick up their mail) my computer does not have access to the Internet so I cannot upload photos. Because of this, I have hesitated to blog because I could not add the picture that corresponds to the blog entry. I decided my blog was boring because it had not been updated in some time so here I am......blogging about nothing!

Devin is gone for a week. He went up north to Mt. Shasta as part of a strike team to help with the wild fires. He is fighting the Shu/lightening/motion fire. So much for our homecation....I'm here in this nice home with just the baby. (can you tell I'm feeling sorry for myself?!!!)

I am loving life by the pool & inside their air conditioned home!!!! Most of all, I'm loving the king bed all to myself!!!

Doctor Visit- 3 month check up

While at our most recent doctor visit I was asked a number of questions while the doctor was typing my answers in the computer. The conversation went something like this:
Dr: "Does the baby read?"
Me: ", she can't read. "
** This is when the Dr. started typing in her computer "Baby doesn't read"
Me cont': "I read books to her, but she can't read yet."
Dr: Stops typing, looks up and says "You do?....every day?"
Me: "Yes, I try to read to her everyday"
** Dr. erases what she previously typed in the computer and types "mom reads to baby daily."
Devin: VERY CONFUSED asks, "do most babies her age read?"
Dr: "I guess I didn't phrase my question very well....I meant to ask if you were reading to her."
Devin: "Good, I thought our baby was missing something!"

Have you ever known a 3 month old to read?....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Well....I LOVE blogging for many reasons, but mostly because I"m so NOT creative and can't scrapbook....just ask my cousin Kaitie! Cheri found a web site that will print your blog (thanks friend) so now I can have the first years of Kaylie's life documented by my new favorite thing!
Check it out, very reasonable!

LMK if you use it....I think I will wait and print a year at a time!

Things I LOVE!

(and Alison & Jamie who are not pictured here)

My New Trick!

Look what I can do now!!!

While she was supposed to be napping yesterday, she learned something new!

I LOVE being a mother!