Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy 2 Years House

We have been in our house a little over two years now and we have come
a LONG way! 

 Wood Room before,
well....kinda in the middle
 After a fresh coat of paint on the
wood panels and some pictures on the wall
the dinning room table won't be in there much longer
it will finally be a family room!!!
The girl's room before

 Kaylie & Ashley's room 

 the kids bathroom before

after a beautiful labor of love
Devin did such a great job
 old roof
 not sure what the BIG deal was......
roof in process
 family room, in process


master before 
Trey's room before

I can promise that these pictures do not do it justice....
Devin has worked so hard these past 2 years making our house livable

He is currently fixing up the half bath off the wood room & almost done
we have a new slider ordered and carpet picked out so the wood room
will SOON be a family room!
just a kitchen, master bath and play room left....
oh yea, and the outside, windows, air conditioning, electricity, fences, etc, etc.....
so we still have a long way to go
but we are getting there!!!