Sunday, June 26, 2011

she might thank me one day!

Maybe I'm the only one that
smiles because of these
But this girl makes me happy

I love her and ALL of her silliness!

her expressions are priceless!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Swing Set!

Devin thought it was time for the kids to have something
to play on in our huge backyard
so he bought them a swing set!
He spent 2 days putting it together and
it could not happen soon enough if you asked Kaylie!
She thought if she helped it would go quicker,
smart thinking!!
perfect size for them and
all they need!
swings, fort, rock wall, picnic table, sand box,
and monkey bars! Ka-Chigga!!!
and they could care less about the lack of grass back there!
They love playing in the dirt!
These kids could spend ALL day up in the fort.
Trey LOVES it up there! That boy can climb the rock wall
all by himself and is thrilled to just watch everyone in the backyard
from his fort!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Expo Washable Party

I had a great opportunity to host an Expo
Washable Marker party.
I wrapped up the 2 sets of markers
and eraser to spruce up the package a little!

Devin drew a race track for the kids to drive their cars on
Please notice the firesgone, PAPA, Getweiser....
Trey and grandma having a great time
Nicole and Deanna in a
Bean Bag Toss competition!
Mel, Kaitie and me
in a Bean Bag Toss Competition....
Kaitie won.....
ALL 3 of her bean bags were on the 40 points
Devin also drew a girl on the back of the
window for the kids to color on the front
so we could erase and re-color all day long!
And a boy
Kaitie, Mel and Mari coloring on the kids
Kaylie painting her nails with the
Expo Markers!
Posing with our Expo Products for a picture!

Expo Washable

I have a great opportunity later today to play with all these
goodies and share with friends too!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Not Her Mother's Daughter

Devin was under the house working on
some plumbing problems...

Kaylie asked if she could go under too.
She LOVED it under there!
You will NEVER catch her mother down there.